Account Management

Are you a leader? Do you often volunteer to organize meetings, keep notes and make sure projects get done? Are you curious? Do you like to problem solve? Do you enjoy working with others in the pursuit of something greater than you could ever achieve alone? Students who answer yes to these questions often find they are a good fit for account management.

Account managers lead the strategic communication process on behalf of a company or organization. They must maintain relationships, think strategically and understand the process and disciplines necessary for developing effective marketing communication campaigns.

Students in the account management interest area will learn how to oversee and contribute to the development of effective communication by a brand team. Coursework equips them to learn a business within the context of its industry and competition, identify the target, develop insights and devise strategic solutions that will be effective. In the process, students are prepared to work in the fast-paced environment of account management post graduation.

Skill sets valued in account management

  • Leadership abilities
  • Business and marketing acumen
  • Strategic and nimble thinking
  • Organization, time management, attention to detail
  • Solid interpersonal skills, with an ability to bring out the best in others
  • Presentation skills

Careers in account management

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