Missouri Method Capstones

An agency experience.


The Missouri School of Journalism is known for “The Missouri Method” — teaching students through hands-on training in real-world environments. For strategic communication students, that training comes in one of two agency capstone courses that culminate their educational experience at Mizzou. The two capstones, MOJO Ad and AdZou, offer students the opportunity to work with real clients who have real communication challenges. Using research and the knowledge they have gained during their coursework, students develop a strategic campaign and a comprehensive plan book to present to the client in an end-of-the-semester presentation. Through their capstone experience, students emerge from the program equipped to contribute in valuable ways to the professional communication world.



Be part of an elite team of students developing a comprehensive strategic campaign for a national client


Collaborate with a team of five to seven students to solve a communication challenge of a local, state or regional client

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