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A multitude of strategic communication courses are offered to give students a broad understanding of strategy and the tools available when implementing advertising, communication and media plans. Advanced courses provide the opportunity for students to gain more specialized capabilities in each of the interest areas. While the traditional 3-hour class is the staple of the curriculum, numerous one-credit courses taught by industry professionals are offered in specialized areas such as search engine marketing, social media marketing and brand storytelling.


Once admitted to the strategic communication emphasis area, there are specific course requirements as part of the curriculum. For requirements prior to beginning the program, click here. Students should always consult their academic advisor when designing a course plan to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements.

Recommended Electives By Area

In addition to the required journalism, strategic communication and marketing courses, 13 credits of strategic communication elective courses are required for graduation. The electives chosen will depend on what career a student plans to pursue post-graduation.


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