Strategic Communication Coursework

Recommended electives by interest area


In addition to the required journalism, strategic communication and marketing courses, 13 credits of strategic communication elective courses are required for graduation. The electives chosen will depend on what career a student plans to pursue post-graduation.

Students who want to focus their studies on one of the strategic communication interest areas will find it helpful to follow the elective suggestions for that area. Highly suggested electives are courses that will prepare students for industry work in that interest area. Other elective suggestions are provided to help students as they choose how to best fill in their elective requirements. Those choices will be individualized based on a student’s interests. For instance, a student who plans a career in account management with a focus on public relations would most likely choose the highly suggested Management of Strategic Communication as well as Public Relations, then go on to take the suggested elective of Public Relations Writing.

For students who are undecided about their career path, an à la carte approach to electives often works best. Students can choose electives from different areas to gain a well-rounded understanding of the different work done in the advertising and communication industry.

Students who wish to study abroad for a semester through Global Programs will earn up to 9 of their 12 elective credits, depending on the type of program. Most study abroad experiences provide exposure to the same elective material received on campus, but in an industry environment.

Regardless of how students fulfill their elective requirements, all students leave the strategic communication emphasis area with a strong foundational knowledge that allows them to transition seamlessly in to the industry world.

Electives by Interest Area

Account Management

Oversee campaign development, inspire others and maintain the client relationship


Understand the needs, concerns and perceptions of your audience

Digital Strategy

Join one of the newest and fastest-growing areas of strategic communication

Art Direction

Take your visual ideas from concept to completion


Learn the art and science of deciding where, when and how often a brand’s ads will be placed

Sports & Entertainment Promotion

Tailor your skills to the unique needs of the sports and entertainment industry


Draw on diverse sources to think creatively and write brand stories

Video Storytelling

Take advantage of the latest technology to develop video content for brands

Public Relations

Communicate brand messages in authentic and believable ways