Recommended Elective Coursework


Art Direction and Design


Students who plan to enter the field of art direction should select elective courses that help develop a professional portfolio or “book,” which is the passport into the creative side of the communication business. The two highly suggested electives will help art direction students with this important task.

Other electives can be chosen based on interests. For instance, an art direction student who wants to focus on digital advertising might take Digital Strategy I, while someone interested in video aspects of art direction might take Introduction to Promotional Video.

Note: A course summary and a sample syllabus are available by clicking on the course name. If consent is required for a course, instructions for requesting consent are outlined within each individual course summary. Creative Portfolio is offered only in the spring; students wishing to take it should make sure they have taken the prerequisite course prior to the spring semester they plan to enroll in Creative Portfolio.

Highly Suggested Electives

JOURN 4228/JOURN 7228 Strategic Design & Visuals II (3 credits) (Consent required) Suggested for second semester of program.

JOURN 4220/JOURN 7220 Creative Portfolio (3 credits) (Consent required/Prerequisites: JOURN 4208/JOURN 7208 and/or JOURN 4228/JOURN 7228)

Additional Electives to Consider:

JOURN 4208/JOURN 7208 Strategic Writing II (3 credits) (Consent required)

JOURN 4262/JOURN 7262 Digital Strategy I (3 credits)

JOURN 4138 Events and Promotion (1 credit) (Consent required/Prerequisite: JOURN 4256/JOURN 7256)

JOURN 4138/JOURN 7138 Public Relations Techniques: Strategic PR Presentation Techniques (1 credit) Note: This course is not offered every semester.

JOURN 4140/JOURN 7140 Interactive Techniques: Social Media Strategy (1 credit)

JOURN 4140/JOURN 7140 Interactive Techniques: Social Media Content (1 credit)

JOURN 4146/JOURN 7146 Strategic Communication Techniques: Introduction to Promotional Video (1 credit)