Recommended Elective Coursework




Students who are interested in a career in research should strive for a comprehensive industry understanding. Therefore, a variety of strategic communication electives are strongly encouraged.

Note: A course summary and a sample syllabus are available by clicking on the course name. If consent is required for a course, instructions for requesting consent are outlined within each individual course summary. Courses that have prerequisites beyond the three core Strategic Communication courses also are detailed within each course description.

Highly Suggested Electives

JOURN 4236/JOURN 7236 Psychology in Advertising (3 credits) (Consent Required)

JOURN 4256/JOURN 7256 Public Relations (3 credits)

JOURN 4262/JOURN 7262 Digital Strategy I (3 credits)

Additional Electives to Consider:

JOURN 4212/JOURN 7212 Sports and Entertainment Promotion (3 credits) (Consent required)

JOURN 4250/JOURN 7250 Management of Strategic Communication (3 credits) (Consent required)

JOURN 4263/JOURN 7263 Digital Strategy II (3 credits) (Prerequisite: JOURN 4262/JOURN 7262)

JOURN 4130/JOURN 7130 Account Services: Data-Driven Media Activation Strategies (1 credit)