Strategic communication required coursework

Once admitted to the strategic communication emphasis area, there are specific course requirements as part of the curriculum. Those requirements are outlined below. For requirements prior to beginning the program, click here. Students should always consult their academic advisor when designing a course plan to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements.

Core Courses

All students are required to take three core courses their first semester in strategic communication. Each of these core courses provides knowledge that lays the foundation for all future strategic communication electives and capstone courses. All three are prerequisites for every other strategic communication course.

Marketing Courses

Strategic communication students must take six credits of upper-level marketing courses, one of which must be Marketing 3000.

Capstone Course

All strategic communication students must complete a capstone course to graduate. The capstone course has students working with a real-world client, allowing them to put in to practice all they have learned in their core and elective strategic communication coursework. With few exceptions, this course is taken in the final semester before graduation.

Journalism Core Courses

In addition to the 13 credits of journalism courses taken prior to being admitted to the journalism school, all journalism students are required to take an additional 6 credits of core courses outside their area of emphasis. These 6 core credits generally are best taken in the final semester before graduation. Doing so allows students to focus on taking strategic communication electives their second and third semester of the program, which will best prepare them for their final semester capstone.

Elective Strategic Communication Courses

An additional 13 credits of strategic communication elective courses are required for graduation. Students often choose electives from a specific interest area to gain a deeper understanding of that aspect of the advertising and communication industry. Suggested electives for each interest area can be found within recommended course plans. Students who wish to study abroad for a semester through Global Programs will earn up to 9 of their 12 elective credits, depending on the type of program.

Numerous elective courses are offered, but not every elective is offered every semester — particularly one-credit courses. During their first semester in strategic communication, students are advised to chart out a course plan for their remaining three semesters with the help of their academic advisor. This will ensure they have taken the necessary prerequisite courses for any advanced courses they plan to take their senior year.