Strategic Communication Faculty

The Missouri School of Journalism is renowned for its Missouri Method — teaching through real-world, hands-on experience. Students learn by doing, guided by faculty who come to academia from established professional careers.

Here’s what our students have to say about the Strategic Communication faculty:

“They do a really good job of translating the real world experience they have in to the classroom.”

“They can help guide you in the direction you think you want to go.”

“They strive to make it a really hands-on experience. They don’t just stand in front of kids in a lecture hall and talk at them. They want you to get that practical experience.”

Their comments highlight what sets our faculty apart — the industry experience they each have in their areas of expertise. Some are research faculty while others are professional practice faculty, but they all bring real-world experience to the classroom. Their firsthand knowledge of the careers their students will be entering helps them structure courses that prepare students fully for those careers. It’s a difference our students notice and appreciate.