AAF Mizzou

Learn more about the advertising and communication field
AAF Mizzou is one of more than 200 college chapters of the national American Advertising Federation (AAF). It provides Mizzou students with the opportunity to learn more about the advertising and communication industry through regular chapter meetings, local programs and events, industry speakers, regional career fairs and organized agency tours in cities like St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. It also is the sponsoring organization for the National Student Ad Competition.

About AAF Mizzou

While strategic communication students are natural fits for AAF Mizzou, membership is open to all students and all grade levels, no matter their major. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to join to get a jump-start on understanding the opportunities within the advertising and communication field.

Students interested in being part of AAF Mizzou can click here to connect with and join the Facebook group site. The site is the main communication channel used to keep members updated on meeting times and places. Questions also can be emailed to AAF Mizzou faculty advisor Holly Higginbotham at higginbothamh@missouri.edu.

AAF Mizzou Mission Statement

AAF Mizzou is an on-campus club, affiliated with its national parent organization American Advertising Federation, which promotes excellence in advertising. Our purpose is to recognize professionalism in the fields of advertising and journalism in order to aid members in the pursuit of their career goals. By establishing connections, fostering an open atmosphere for ideas, promoting community service, enhancing education and creating networking opportunities, we hope to further the success of students currently involved in advertising endeavors.

Membership Dues

Dues to officially join the AAF Mizzou chapter are $75, which provides membership in both the national AAF organization and local chapter for the entire academic year (from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31). Of the dues payment, $55 is for national AAF organization dues. The other $20 covers chapter expenses for local programming and events.

To Submit Dues

Please print out and complete the AAF Dues Form and return it with payment in one of the following ways:

  • Bring form and payment to a regular chapter meeting
  • Drop off form and cash/check payment in 140 Walter Williams
  • Bring form and cash/check payment to faculty advisor Holly Higginbotham in 76E Gannett

To Pay Dues

Dues may be paid in one of the following ways:

  • $75 cash
  • $75 check payable to AAF Mizzou

Membership Benefits

While being an official dues-paying member of AAF Mizzou is not required to attend regular chapter meetings, only students who have placed membership by paying dues are eligible for the following advantages of AAF membership. For a complete review of all the programs and services offered through the national AAF organization, see the AAF website.

  • Attending organized agency tours
  • Attending at no cost certain programming events that involve an expense (such as an industry speaker who is being paid or social events involving food)
  • Eligibility to apply for certain AAF-sponsored academic scholarships and awards
  • Reduced entry fees for certain AAF-sponsored awards, such as the Student ADDY® Awards
  • Attending AAF-sponsored events, such as conferences and regional career fairs, for reduced cost or no cost
  • Eligibility for nomination for the Alpha Delta Sigma Honor Society, which is sponsored by national AAF
  • Opportunity to hold a leadership position in AAF Mizzou
  • Being part of the presentation team for Mizzou’s National Student Ad Competition (NSAC) team
  • Eligibility for nomination to participate in an AAF-sponsored paid summer internship program
  • Discounts to industry publications, such as Ad Age