Career Options

The possibilities are endless

With an emphasis in strategic communication, career options are plentiful. Choose to work in a full-service or specialized advertising agency, public relations firm, non-profit organization, design firm, media agency, sports entertainment company, a corporate marketing or communication department within an organization, events firm or promotion firm — just to name a few. Beyond these varied work environments are a multitude of different job positions. To see specific job types or job titles that align with each interest area of strategic communication, explore the following links:

Account Management

Oversee campaign development, inspire others and maintain the client relationship


Understand the needs, concerns and perceptions of your audience

Digital Strategy

Join one of the newest and fastest growing areas of strategic communication

Art Direction

Take your visual ideas from concept to completion


Learn the art and science of deciding where, when and how often a brand’s ads will be placed

Sports Promotion & Entertainment

Tailor your skills to the unique needs of the sports and entertainment industry


Draw on diverse sources to think creatively and write brand stories

Video Storytelling

Take advantage of the latest technology to develop video content for brands

Public Relations

Communicate brand messages in authentic and believable ways