Career Options


Careers in media planning are primarily found within advertising agencies, media agencies, digital agencies and media buying firms, as well as within client organizations. Some positions may be specialized and focused on one particular type of media (for instance, digital), while other positions involve working across all media classes.

Specializing in media planning also prepares students to work on the sales side of the advertising industry. Those interested in media sales will find themselves employed at network, satellite, cable and local television companies; newspapers; magazines; radio stations; or for an internet advertising network or pure play website.

Media positions often are divided by planning vs. buying functions. Planners develop plans that allocate media across channels and integrate with the creative and social teams. Buyers execute plans, usually in a given media type or market.

Some examples of beginning jobs in media planning and sales include:

  • Media planner
  • Media strategist
  • Brand strategist
  • Client strategist
  • Media buyer
  • Media director
  • Media coordinator
  • Marketing planning and strategist/marketing strategy planner
  • Media specialist
  • Digital media planner
  • Digital media buyer
  • Interactive media planner
  • Interactive media buyer
  • Advertising sales representative
  • Associate
  • Marketing communications specialist
  • Media sales planner
  • Social media planner
  • Media sales associate
  • Account manager
  • Account executive
  • Sales planner
  • Sales coordinator
  • Local sales manager
  • National sales manager
  • General sales manager